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Master Series 3 - POPS
Blood, Sweat & Tears
January 21, 2017

Masters of the perfect blend of pop rock and jazz fusion, R&B and psychedelic rock, and many other variations, BS&T has blurred the lines with its ever-changing formula of music, blending the traditional rock band with jazzy brass instruments.  The Grammy Hall of Fame members bring their string of top hits to the Victoria stage with backup by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra!

For nearly fifty years, Blood, Sweat & Tears has broken genre boundaries as a contemporary jazz-rock group. Now you have the chance to experience the band in all their brass-blazing glory.  Fronted by American Idol sensation Bo Bice, join us as they play hits such as "And When I Die," "Spinning Wheel," "You've Made Me So Very Happy," and more.


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